Your Working Agreement

Last updated 1st July 2023

  • You are currently an ABN operator which means you have working freedom. You are paid excess in hourly rates to help you succeed.
  • You can only work 8 hours per school week by law and 36 hours per week in school holidays.
  • You are in control of your own hours and willingness to work. You are in control of your own wellness. However we will always check with you prior to every show/shift offered to see if you are happy, safe and in the right headspace to work. This means we will check in with you on the day of the booking to make sure you are willing to entertain.
  • There is no pressure to work and showcase your talents anytime if you feel uncomfortable. We will always offer wellness checks with you to make sure you are well cared for. We will SMS you personally and allow up to 24 hours to accept and show/shift. Accepted shifts must be accepted by parents.
  • Your family and school comes first. This means all school work and commitments surrounding school will be your number one priority, Your parents will guide you and make sure we are we notified of any last minute changes. Your parents have the right to let us know when you can work. We are 100% supportive of their dedication to connect with you and support you with family time. It is important to manage your availability with SMS only.
  • You are allowed to make mistakes and we will guide you and lead you always to help you when something feels wrong or a mistake is made. We believe in growth and helping others succeed.
  • Professional boundaries must be adhered to. You are allowed to like and subscribe to social media that we manage however we please ask you do not share them. In line with protective practices we can only communicate with work related issues on texts via SMS and no other social media platforms. Our social media message platforms are responded to with auto-response to help our business stay safe from all slander and misconstrued information.
  • We will always offer you the chance to up-skill with your entertainment talents to improve your wellbeing and life skills.
  • We reserve the right to make sure your parents are notified and you are returned home safely from work if you seem tired and disconnected at any entertainment experience. Your wellness and safety is our highest priority.
  • Your parent/guardian is responsible for your work hours and acceptance into the business. Your parent decides your future and wellness outcome at all times.