Michael Krantis

Michael Krantis (aka The Amazing Magic Mike) has been performing magic since 11 years of age. In his early years he was partly raised by a magical family that owned a real brick and mortar magic shop. This exposed Michael to the allied arts and varied artists that would soon shape his professional career.

As a teenager Michael submerged himself into dance. He was mentored by The Great Senorita Ochita. Michael studied Spanish Flamenco for more than 5 years and became the lead male dancer for The Flamenco Dancing Company Of Australia. During this time he was also mentored by Liana Vargas and Antonio Vargas, the star of Baz Lurhmann's Strictly Ballroom. Antonio Vargas spent considerable time with Michael to develop his stage craft and stage movement. Michael became a maestro of Flamenco dance and only one of a few dancers in Australia to play castanets on stage.

At the age of 22 Michael became a magician's assistant working as an illusion builder for Silvers Grand Magic Circus. He studied magic and performance with Gerry McCreanor (Australia's Merlin The Magician) at the Anthony Richards Magic Academy. At the age of 23, Michael Krantis has been the youngest, serving President of The International Brotherhood Of Magicians Ring 148 Inc.

Michael Krantis is regularly a consultant for magic and stage hypnotherapy for TV and theatre shows worldwide. At 45 years of age, Michael Krantis has a fascinating history. He has been a successful actor, spiritual lecturer, advertising consultant, company director, radio guest entertainer, chef, percussion teacher and master of circus fire dance and fire eating allied arts.

As The Amazing Magic Mike he has entertained at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and has been privately engaged to entertain for famous celebrities such as Danny DeVito, Alice Cooper and Bert Newton to name a few. To date he has entertained at more than 18,000 children's parties over 27 years making him the most recognised and most successful kids party entertainer in Australia and globally.