Booking Terms

TENTATIVE BOOKINGS | All tentative bookings are strictly held for 24 hours. If you have not paid your deposit or hire fee in full within the time allocated then your booking  enquiry will become void. You are responsible in managing the security of your booking. If you are provided with an online payment link to secure the booking then please note these are active for 24 hours only and then are deleted to allow other clients to book our services.

PAYMENT BALANCES | All kids party bookings and Christmas season bookings are payment prior only. The balance in full is due by the Wednesday prior. If payment is not received we reserve the right to fill the spot from our waiting list. We will remind you by phone and sms of your balance one week prior to the booking date. Paying for your party prior to the booking date assures you that we will have the supplies we need to make your child's party super amazing!

CANCELLATIONS | No refund is provided if you should cancel your booking within 7 days prior to the booking. A full credit is applied and can be used for up to 24 months after the cancellation has been made. You can re-schedule and re-book.

PHOTOS AND VIDEO | Feel free to take as many photos and video as you wish of The Amazing Magic Mike and his performance. Please be mindful though about sharing other children's faces and their names on social media. Some children may be protected and have rights not to have their identity exposed. Children also do make inappropriate faces and hand gestures in photos so please be careful about storing data on your personal phone and sharing it with friends. Please check if your photos are suitable for your private network of friends.

PARENTAL DROP OFF | If your child is invited to a party and you decide to leave then please do not expect a child minding service. The Amazing Magic Mike is an entertainer and is not responsible for children leaving the venue or acting poorly behaved. The client is responsible for the artist to perform and the client is to assure that reasonable duty of care is in place for the event. In the event an accident should occur then the entertainment and client will provide duty of care by pausing the performance to safely manage incidents. A group decision will then be made if it is safe for all people attending to keep partying safely. Leaving your child behind leaves you fully liable.

HOT WEATHER AND LIVE ANIMALS | Did you know that RSPCA can issue fines for entertainers and their clients that permit the use of animals for public performance if hotter than 32 degrees? It is really important to accept that the magic show will have a different ending and no live animals will travel within our entertainment vehicles and perform on hot days.

COMPLIANCE | We have been established since 2004 and understand our rights to comply and entertain in public settings. We also understand restriction of trade laws. In the event that force is applied and used to cancel bookings that have been paid for then we respect the right to hold onto all fees associated with the booking and absorb these fees based on due-diligence. At the time of booking all event organisers must outline their compliance at the acceptance stage of booking to avoid disruption.

FETES AND CARNIVALS | When you accept the rights to have our contractors sell carnival foods at your event you are not complying with paying appropriate wages. This removes us from any public liability. The business then operates at a loss. This is a firm rule. If you cut corners on our business we reserve the right to cut corners on your event planning and requirements.

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